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Self Defense for the Night Shift

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3 Reasons why you need a Sharp Shooter

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Click here for your 3 Reasons….You must defend yourself!!!all 6 sharp shooters (1)Have you been thinking of buying a Kubota, stun gun ,Pocket stick, spike Ninja keychain, pepper spray keychain or other keychain self defense devices?

FOR THE RECORD: The patented Sharp Shooter Keychain has 3 unique differences than all of them and this is why it is so much more effective for self defense.


The problem with pepper spray is you may drop it if scared. You may miss hitting their eyes, and even if you do get them they still may have time to stab you before they  feel  the full effect of the spray.

On the other hand the Sharp Shooter is real hard to drop and when hit with the Sharp Shooter the feeling is instant and stops the in there tracks.


Stun guns are only for up close in your face attacks you have to be close to the to get to your target muscle area to be effective defending yourself. The effects are not long lasting and some times they get up and come right back attacking you.

With the Sharp Shooter Keychain  you can quickly switch from a close range self defense weapon into a much longer range self defense weapon giving you the advantage of striking them from a distance or keeping them at bay.


A pocket stick or Kubota is a great in close weapon and great for striking vital points, but it is limited to up close self defense and is not a great defense for a novice against a weapon  attack suck as a knife. The cheap split key rings used on them are real easy to break and wont hold up to heavy striking. This is  something they never will tell you when selling them.

The Sharp Shooter Keychain is battle ready made with heavy duty key rings, 550 test Para cord, and wont break in the heat of a attack. Some devices are using cheap straps and crappy cheap key rings that break. Don’t trust these to save your life. The Sharp Shooter is made tough and with one quick snap of the wrist or pull of the cord lock  it transforms into a long range device so you can defend against a weapon such as a knife.


The  spiked key chains are for close range self defense and used to stab or strike your attacker with the pointy spikes. The problem with these type of  devices is you can’t really carry it in your pocket and it could even put a hole in you good pants or jacket pocket?

The Sharp Shooter was made small and easy to put in your pocket and wont poke holes in you pockets.

Go to and see  which sharp shooter keychain may be best for you.

Deadly weapon in all 50 states

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Deadly weapon in all 50 states

A knife is classified as a deadly weapon in all 50 states in the US and also any firearm, whether loaded or unloaded. Pepper spray can be a choice but some states impose pepper spray restrictions and pepper spray only works if you hit them in the eyes or face. My suggestion is to choose a good self defense keychain. Some manufacturers have chosen to design cheaply made pocket sticks with split key rings not made to take heavy impact that may occur in a self defense situation. The answer the Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain a device that works great for up close attacks but with one quick snap of your wrist it become a long range device giving you the distance to protect you better from a knife or a club wielding attacker. This device is small cool looking legal to carry in all 50 states best of all it’s made battle ready and will hold up in the heat of a attack situation. The power to break coconuts and cinder blocks means it has the power to stop a attacker in his tracks. Get Yours Today!


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The patented Sharp Shooter Viper Keychain provides the perfect solution for you! If you are  seeking a easy to learn and use device, The sharp shooters all come with a free instructions  DVD that is real easy to learn from. With a little   practice you will be able to protect yourself both close range and best of all with the viper keychain quick release cord lock in open position it will shoot out to a longer range device giving you the greater distance you may need to keep an attacker at bay!!!  This viper keychain is powerful and strong and won’t fall apart in the heat of an attack situation.  So carry this tiny yet powerful device with you at all times and have peace of mind everywhere you go, knowing you have the power of the sharp shooter to protect youself when you need too. Order yours Today!!!    image001.png




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order a sharp shooterCHOOSING  A SELF-DEFENSE DEVICE

Determining the best self defense device should not be rushed taking the time to make the right choice is important. You should be looking for a easy to carry device that feels right for  you. Your device should offer  an optimum level of stopping power. A legal to own device that you don’t need a permit to own is a lot less trouble to get in a hurry to protect your self sooner.

The common types of legal self defense devices like the kubotan,yawara, pocket sticks,and sprays don’t have the power or speed you can get from the sharp shooter keychain. with one quick snap of your wrist it shoots out from a short range device into a long range device. The Power to break a coconut and cinder blocks means it has the power to protect you.

Choose Carefully Selecting a device for self-defense is a process that should include careful research and forethought. The sharp shooter self defense keychains all come with a free instruction DVD most devices leave it up to you to figure out how to use the device to protect yourself. Master Moran insist that all that purchase a sharp shooter learn how to use it properly so he made sure every one gets a free DVD with there sharp shooter purchase.

If you are serious about Self-Protection The Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychains are a great choice get yours today!

Will you be the next victim

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Will you be the next victim?

Try to imagine what you would do, or how you would respond if something terrible happened to you. Whether your purse was snatched or you were a victim of a violent assault, the effects can be long lasting or even kill you. If you survive You are likely to live in constant fear of it happening again. Did you know that one in every four women will be a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime?  What if you had a sharp shooter keychain with you? What can you do to help prevent yourself from a criminal act?

Get a Sharp Shooter now and don’t become another statistic that says “I Thought It would never happen to me.” Get the Sharp Shooter keychain the most powerful self defense keychain you can own. It comes with a instruction DVD for free so at only $12.95 why wait? Get yours today!

sharp shooters break down

Before you purchase a gun Read This Blog!!!

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Before you purchase a gun Read This Blog

DECEMBER 12, 2012

sharp shooters break downBefore you purchase a gun or any other “self-protection” device, I urge you to consider  a Sharp Shooter keychain  first! You need to be able to make an intelligent and informed choice when purchasing something as potentially dangerous as a gun, taser, stun gun, or pepper spray. The best for home defense and personal protection is a legal to own and carry device  When you can’t have or don’t want a gun or sword to defend your life and your family, the Sharp Shooter Self Defense keychain gives you another better solution.  The Sharp Shooter Keychain offers the most advanced personal safety solution  you will find and all for only $12.95 so get yours today.